Why did we push through our 5D4N HONGKONG trip despite the ongoing public protest.

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“Money can be earned, however memories of a lifetime is priceless.”

Hong Kong is undeniably loved by many tourists around the world. Whether you are a foodie, adventurous or a kid at heart Hong Kong got you covered. Hong Kong Disneyland itself is dubbed as the happiest place on earth. Who would not want to get to a place like Disneyland, I’m pretty sure none.

On Aug 7, 2019 a week before our scheduled flight a news blow our minds as most Manila to Hong Kong trips were cancelled due to public protest happening in some places within Hong Kong. Our relatives friends are constantly checking with us whether or not we would still want to push through our trip. News both on Facebook and on televisions also tell the same.

So why did we still push it through? Well, let me re iterate what are the things to consider when this kind of situation happens, where both the travel supplier and the traveler have no control.

First thing we did is we call the airline, and did ask if what might be our options as their clients if uncontrollable events like that in Hong Kong happens. We were told that, as long as they are not cancelling it, flight will still go through. Yes, sad but true, if its not being cancelled by the airline, and you as a passenger don’t want to push though your flight you wont get any refund for it. The best thing that you need to do is get in contact with your airline or constantly check their website if any changes or cancellations were being posted.

Our trip is all set, airline tickets, hotel accommodation and activities are already booked and paid. With the answer provided by the airline, it looks like we don’t have choice but go, so we then contact the hotel provider on what can be our option regarding our case if our flight will get cancelled. We got a close to unfortunate response from the hotel accommodation provider. As we booked a non refundable type of accommodation. I did explain our reasons, it should not be taken against us, as it is out of our control. However, their decision is still dependent to whatever the airline decision is. And this same goes with the theme park tickets and tours that we already booked.

And yes we made it to Hong Kong, though we are a bit scared of what might happen. Somehow there is a bit advantage as parks are not that crowded as usual. MTR is also not so crowded. In our entire five days stay in Hong Kong we didn’t bump into any of the protesters or maybe we are lucky as we stayed far from the airport. Thank God we are safe and on the day of our return flight we made it to Manila with no problem at all.

Thank you so much Hong Kong and Macau as we have a great five days vacation and little bit of shopping and of course Hong Kong Disneyland that always capture everyone’s heart, indeed the happiest place on earth : ) .

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