How to start a Travel Agency business from HOME [Part 2 – Systems and Portals Acquisition]

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This is Part 2 of How to start a Travel Agency business form HOME installment article. In this article I will discuss some of the systems and portals used by most Travel Agencies and I myself is utilizing these tools up to these days. Please see below list:

1. Portal [Lifetime activation FEE of 6000 Php]

VIA is the country’s leading B2B Online Travel portal. Their portal will allow you to pick for the best airline based on your client’s needs. Aside from issuance of airline tickets, they also offer hotels, holidays and insurance etc. Indeed, a one stop shop and perfect partner of every Travel Agents to work at ease. On how to become an Affiliate Partner of, what are the requirements you may watch this video below:

2. Expedia [FREE]

Expedia is a US based portal, the good news is they have international sites specifically made depending on the country you’re in, basically they would determine it when receiving your complete application as they will ask for your complete business permits, from there they will give you access of their portal in no time. Expedia offers issuance of airline tickets, hotels, tours etc. They even have this special offerings where they call it as bundle for more savings. You may watch this entire video below on How to become an Affiliate Agent Partner of Expedia:

3. Bedsonline [FREE]

With over forty years in the Travel industry, Bedsonline is the best pick as a Travel partner when offering the best for your clients. Bedsonline doesn’t sell airline tickets in their portal. They offer hotels/accommodation, car rental, tours and packages etc. Please see below video on How to become a Travel Agent Partner of Bedsonline:

4. [FREE] does not need any introduction though. If you’re into travel then you probably may have booked one of your stays via Did you know that becoming a Booking Affiliate Partner is just for FREE? Yes, you heard it right, all you need is a hosted website. And the good news is i also have created a video on How to become a Travel Partner of Please see it for yourself:

5. [FREE]

Just like, you can also easily be partnered with Agoda by having a hosted website. The entire process is just the same. Please watch this video below:

6. Voyagin [FREE]

Okay so Expedia, Bedsonline, and Agoda these are known for hotels/accommodation booking platform, and I think we have enough to choose from already. Now let me introduce Voyagin to you. They are a Japan based company that offers tours and packages just like Klook. You may watch this video of mine on How to become a Voyagin Agent Partner for FREE.

7. Klook [FREE]

I did mention Klook above alongside Voyagin. Why I’am recommending both of these systems, well you’ll find it later when you already have your system. But for me it is better to have both so you have all the options. What do you think? Since in the previous article I have already taught you how to register your business then acquiring these essential tools should have been way easier for you as most of them would only ask for your permits nothing else. On How to become an Affiliate Partner of Klook please see below:

8. 12Go Asia [FREE]

The last, but definitely not the least is 12Go Asia. Maybe some of you did not hear about them before. So let me introduce them to you. So, basically they offer buses, ferry, trains etc; in Asia and the Pacific and also some other regions. I personally had experienced their services during my travel from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and I highly recommend them. You may watch this video below on How to become an Affiliate Partner of 12Go Asia.

Now that you already have the list of systems that you might need as you start your dream Travel Agency business, then it is time for you to familiarize yourself on how to utilize them all. You might not need all of them but there are instances where these systems are of great help. And for me its better to have a lot of options than nothing at all and besides they are FREE except of VIA.

I think that is all for now, watch out for my next installment article. Stay safe everyone, bye!

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