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As Travel Agent it is understandable that we have a bunch of travel related tools, systems or portals. I would say we badly need them. In this article/post that I’am about to share with you all, I hope it would be of great help especially to those who loves to travel in particular. This isn’t just merely for Travel Agent as a whole, this applies to all who has their website

What are we waiting for, let’s get started. So,’s only requirement to be part of Booking Affiliate Partner Program is a hosted website. Websites that ended with sample<.>wordpress<.>com or sample<.>blueshost<.>com etc is not eligible. It has to be your website as you need to validate if you are the owner of the website that way will be able to give you your commission. Alright! Below are the steps on how to sign up don’t forget to prepare a valid email address to get started.

Step 1. Go to’s website

Step 2. Scroll down at the very bottom of the page and look for either “Become an Affiliate” or “ for Travel Agents”. These two will route you to the same page the Sign Up page.

Step 3. This is the Sign Up page of Booking Affiliate Partner Program. You just need to simply complete the three easy steps.

Step 4. Let’s fill out the form, once done hit the “Next step” button.

Step 5. Continue filling out the form by supplying information about your business and hit Sign Up button.

Step 6. After clicking Sign Up button you should be getting this message.

Step 7. You need to check the confirmation sent by booking to the email address registered earlier.

For the rest other steps. Please watch the video tutorial I have created specifically on how to become an Affiliate Partner of BOOKING.COM

I hope this article helps. Have a wonderful day! Happy Learning.

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