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Our humble beginning

Most people believe that traveling requires a lot of money, that someone must be rich or well-off to be able to afford all the travel expenses when going to different places. Well, I beg to disagree, as I am the living witness that traveling is possible even on a tight budget. After all, the most important thing when traveling isn’t the amount of money that you spend, but rather, it is the vastly rich experiences that you gain and the lifetime memories which you create along the way. 

Well, every love story has a beginning, so let me share how my love for travel began.  It all started last March 2018 when I bravely travelled 3 cities in 3 countries all by myself.  Of course, my first ever solo expedition did not happen without any hurdle.  At the onset I already experienced a nerve-wracking experience at the Philippine Immigration in NAIA – given the fact that the timing of my travel was when I was in-between jobs (well, sort-of).  It was when my “Soon-to-be-Blue” training had ended and I was given at least a month or more to ready all the requirements in preparation to on-boarding process. Since I already gathered all the necessary documents and my travel have been planned beforehand, then I thought it was the best time.  But the immigration officers did not think so, and they did not let me pass the Immigration area that easily.

Fortunately for me, everything went well, and I was so relieved that I made it to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – the first country on my itinerary. Vietnamese are very welcoming, I did not feel like I was in another country. Truly, Vietnam has a very rich culture but what amazed me most was their building architecture: Saigon Post Office, Saigon Opera House, Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, etc. showcase real marks of British colonization.

My second destination was Kuala Lumpur, which is one of the top holiday destinations in Malaysia. It was quite a quick stop, but I somehow managed to get a glimpse of the spectacular Petronas Twin Towers.  I read somewhere that Malaysia is a food-lover’s paradise, that their dishes offer a huge variety of Malay, Indian and Chinese cuisines. And indeed, it is! This city is packed with colorful food stalls, and if you want to get delicious and authentic local meals, there’s no need to go any farther than their roadside eateries and street hawkers. I was also impressed to see how efficient, comfortable and convenient transportation in Malaysia is. But still, due to lack of time, I was not able to get around that much.  I realized that a day is simply not enough to visit most of Malaysia’s best tourist attractions.  Well, there is always a second chance though!

Finally, to wrap up my journey, I headed down to Singapore.  This country needs no introduction, I guess!   And since it is another quick stop for me, I just went around taking photos of some of the places I passed through while heading on to the ever-famous Merlion Park. I was able to get a glimpse of the Malayan Heritage, Masjid Sultan, Singapore National Museum and the Singapore National Gallery.  Lastly, of all the airports I’ve gone so far, I must say, now there is no doubt why Singapore’s Changi Airport was dubbed as the world’s best airport by Skytrax (a UK-based customer-service reviewer) for 6 consecutive years. With numerous flashy amenities like a free movie theater, a butterfly garden, a rooftop swimming pool, a themed-food court and 24-hour spas, it is indeed a very impressive destination in itself.  Oh, I couldn’t deny the fact that I fell in love with Singapore, and I will surely come back there soon!

The saddest part when traveling is the feeling inside that whispers not to go home yet, but we don’t have choice, to be honest I learned so much from it. To tell you frankly, my initial plan was just to collect stamps from these countries, that’s all! At first, I didn’t care about the attractions nor the culture, but it changed when I got there.  Seeing the sights and getting soaked up in the diverse cultures of these three different countries inspired me to plan a lot of trips and start a life of travel in the future. 

That is why I decided to put up my very own travel agency business.  My aim is to help others realize their dream of seeking new adventures, to help people ‘unleash endless possibilities and conquer the world!’.  This is my way of pursuing and at the same time sharing My LOVE for TRAVEL!  

 Who are we

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