5D4N DIY Hong Kong Itinerary for only 14,600PHP

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“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Welcome to HK faces for first timers 🙂 Hey Grey something wrong? hehe

I know a lot of us gets excited when we hear about Hong Kong. First thing that might register to our minds is the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. Well, even adults would love to visit that place, and I’ m telling you whenever you get the chance, grab it, I promise, you won’t regret it.

We are a group of five, 4 adults and 1 child (5 years old). So, we are considering all the places that we will visit will also going to be applicable to a child, I mean applicable to any ages.

Below are the schedule of places and activities that we visited for the span of five days:

DAY 1 [ Manila – HKIA – City Center – Hotel]

As we considered our travel time from Manila to HKIA airport, and then another hour or two from HKIA going to the city center, unless we are Wonder Woman (hehe just kidding),so, for day 1, we just checked in to the hotel, have our lunch, get around the area, and buy food at Welcome (an affordable 24HR grocery store like 7 Eleven) for our food the following day as we are going to Macau early in the morning. By the way we stayed within Tsim Sha Tsui the hotel is located along Nathan Road, this location is highly recommended whenever you plan to go to Hong Kong. There are plenty of shops, tea houses, restaurants, authentic Chinese cuisine and a lot more nearby. Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station is just a minute away from this area.

DAY 2 [Macau]

We started our day by heading to Macau, the hotel where we stayed at is just 9 minutes walk going to China Hong Kong Ferry harbor. We booked our round trip Turbojet Ferry tickets via Klook. This is highly recommended, not only that it saves you time, it is also hassle free. Upon booking thru Klook, you will receive a voucher which you will have option whether you wanted to print it or just save it on your mobile phone your choice as it comes with a QR code and Turbojet will scan it upon boarding that easy.

From Hong Kong to Macau via Turbojet will only take you an hour by ferry. Get ready with anything like chewing gum or ointment or white flower (hehe this works for me) to fight against seasickness.

We actually have no plans to get services from a tour guide, however since it’s our first time to Macau and we just have a limited time like 6 hours, we grab the affordable services provided to us by a Filipino team who were located at the arrival hall. Please see below places that we visited as we explore Macau with a tour guide:

The tour guide services only costs us 500 HKD, and its all worth it as she took us to the best places in Macau. We didnt able to get around all of the tourist spots as our return ticket is at 3:35pm. Technically we only tour from 9am up to 2pm. And that commenced our day 2.

DAY 3 [Hong Kong Disneyland]

I must say this is the highlight of our trip. We booked our theme park tickets via Klook. We went to the happiest place on earth, none other than Hong Kong Disneyland. We already considered spending our whole day here, actually a day isn’t enough in Disneyland, especially if you have kids traveling with you, you might want to consider the two day pass as there’s a lot to explore in this theme park. Plus, don’t miss Mickey’s parade which started at 9pm. We no longer stayed until 9pm as our feet and legs can no longer walk haha.

DAY 4 [AquaLina Sailing, Avenue of the Stars, Victoria Harbour]

We booked an AquaLuna Sail Cruise via Klook on our 4th day, however our schedule is at 5:30PM so we technically have almost a long day to rest maybe hehe. AquaLuna Sail Cruise activity will allow you board on a boat and will take you to a 45 minutes cruise with a free complimentary drink. I think the best time to sail and avail this kind of activity is at night around 7:30PM so you will appreciate the city lights. The starting point of this cruise is just a minute away from Avenue of the Stars. And at night even if you no longer on board and just freely walking at the boulevard you will see the pretty city lights. Really amazing don’t miss it.

As I have mentioned above Avenue of the Stars is just a minute away from the starting and end point of the cruise, so we continued exploring the area after the cruise. Also in the area is the Victoria Harbour and there’s a mall to navigate too. And that was a day well spent.

DAY 5 [City Center – HKIA – Manila]

It’s time to bid farewell until we meet again Hong Kong, thank you for the good times, just kidding. So, it’s our 5th and last day. We agreed to just have our quick breakfast. Our baggage were all done last night, so we basically are waiting for the check out time which is at 11:30AM.

After checking out from our hotel, the waiting area for the bus that will take us to HKIA is just downstairs like literally after we get out from the building exit door. This is the good thing when booking an accommodation near all kinds of transportation, it’s one thing to consider.

All I can say is “Thank you Hong Kong! You never failed a first timer like me! I shall return soon!” Bye 🙂

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